Unique WMS

WIPTECis proud to provide our clients with our high-performance LEAD(Lean, Efficient, Accurate, Dynamic) warehouse management system. This software, developed by our own team of experts, is constantly evolving and has more than proven itself since the inception of the company in 2002. This WMS technology provides us with the flexibility needed to continuously adapt to changes in the market.


LEADfacilitates receiving of products as the information arrives in our system via ASN (advanced shipping notice). An employee then verifies each step in real-time and confirms the various parameters of the product (colour, price, UPC, etc.) which is controlled by the system and can be reviewed by the operator. An inspection report is automatically generated when discrepancies are detected, and the system sends email alerts to the supervisor for further investigation or to generate a work order. Clients can receive all this information by email, or by accessing the system directly.


If a product is out of stock, our system will suggest transferring them directly to order picking. In other words, LEAD manages the levels of stock in inventory and tells you where products are located at any given stage of handling. We perform barcode scans along the way to ensure full traceability of every movement. This is also when we handle all rotation sequences such as FIFO (first in, first out), FEFO (first expired, first out), batch numbers, serial numbers, expiration dates, etc.

Order picking

LEAD manages order picking by choosing the most efficient route. This means workers never have to double back to the same location and thus avoid unnecessary and costly trips. Once again, everything is monitored for traceability, precision, and productivity. Furthermore, our paperless environment allows us to respond quickly to urgent orders and large volumes.

Order preparation

LEAD manages order preparation for retail sale of small and major retailers like Walmart or Costco. All EDI requirements are encoded using bar codes to meet our clients’ most rigorous standards. We prepare orders to be sent to other distribution centers, direct to stores (B2B), or delivered to residential addresses (B2C). Order preparation is also paperless, with bar codes scanned in real time to help keep tabs on every step along the way.

Secondary operations and packaging

LEAD takes care of several secondary operations such as labeling, price changes, kitting, repacking, etc. The system can also be set to provide automatic quotes so that the client can view cost details before deciding on a path of action. These operations, carried out by the system, follow our philosophy of costs-per-activity, meaning the client only pays for the services they need.


LEAD is particularly rigorous with this important step of the supply chain, from the moment each pallet is identified with a barcode and scanned. LEAD also controls several precision operations such as loading sequences and grouping.

Advantages of LEAD

Improve efficiency and productivity with:


Order accuracy


Inventory accuracy


Accuracy of picking and shipments


Excellent order accuracy rates


Increased employee productivity


Improved flexibility and responsiveness


KPI reports (key performance indicators)


Provided reports and data to make better decisions


Batch control, FIFO, FEFO

Improve the transparency of your supply chain with


Real-time information and feedback


Our online portal, accessible anywhere


Executive reports

Lower your costs thanks to


Our costs-per-activity philosophy (variable vs fixed costs)


Optimization and consolidation of transport


Reduced labour costs thanks to operational standards

Alerts for predefined thresholds and critical events

LEAD is accessible anywhere

Our LEAD software does more than just improve WIPTEC’s efficiency and productivity; it also offers our clients the opportunity to follow each step of the process using a web portal that generates and provides access to data in real-time. From order preparation to shipping, including returns or inventory availability…it’s all there!