WIPTEC – committed and transparent

At WIPTEC, we operate in a paperless environment where every step is accessible by our clients. With our web platform, you can track the status of orders and get the tracking numbers and data you need for 100% traceability.

Our unique WMS

WIPTEC is proud to provide our clients with our LEAD high-performance WMS. This software, developed by our own team of experts, is constantly evolving and has more than proven itself since the inception of the company in 2002. This WMS technology provides us with the flexibility needed to continuously adapt to changes in the market.

State of the art equipment

Each of our order preparation centers is fitted with infrastructure and equipment at the cutting edge of technology. When combined with our modern and sophisticated WMS, our equipment enables us to work in real time and ensures maximum precision and productivity at every step along the way.

Workforce management

Over the years, WIPTEC has become an expert in recruiting and training staff. By surrounding ourselves with qualified and conscientious professionals and employees, we can quickly adapt to any changes in labour demand such as seasonal or promotional periods. What’s more: we use tailor-made training programs specific to the various workstations dedicated to our clients, ensuring that our employees master the personalized, flexible, and adaptable approach for which WIPTEC is famous.

Transport management (TMS)

WIPTEC works in collaboration with hundreds of different carriers; our expertise in shipping allows our clients and their customers to choose their own transport suppliers. To ensure optimal shipment management, our WMS, LEAD, is integrated with one of the world’s most powerful shipment management programs: ProShip.

Real-time dashboard

Our LEAD WMS works in tandem with modern equipment and tools to generate data continuously and in real-time. WIPTEC’s teams rely on the sophisticated feedback of the dashboard that allows them to monitor productivity down to the second, helping to obtain a clear picture of what is going on in our centers. Key performance indicators (KPIs) also play an important role in operational control. These indicators inform us of when and how to react to fluctuations in volume and enable us to always meet our deadlines. In addition to helping assure our clients that their orders will be shipped on time, the indicator system provides useful data that you can use to quickly grow your business. WIPTEC considers itself its clients’ partner in the development of informative KPIs. Through regular communication and planning sessions, we bring together our strength and ingenuity to constantly improve on our way of doing things. Additionally, our KPIs are re-integrated in our operations to keep improving our efficiency and productivity.