Our mission

Founded in 2002, WIPTEC has set itself apart as an expert in Pick-Pack-Ship and is an invaluable ally to a wide range of industries in retail, wholesale, and e-commerce. WIPTEC also performs parallel operations including inventory management, kitting, labeling, packaging, and more. We handle our clients’ order preparation with unrivaled operational efficiency. Our flexibility and expertise, coupled with a philosophy of commitment and a clear understanding of what really matters to our clients, is at the center of every one of our operations. On top of that, our world-class order preparation centers meet the highest standards of the industry.

WIPTEC believes in a partnership with our clients; we build relationships of trust that allow us to find and develop solutions carefully adapted to your needs that benefit both parties.

“Our capacity for rapid adaptation, combined with our expertise, allows us to support and even accelerate the growth of our partners so that they can now focus more on the areas of expertise specific to their business.”

– Martin Ball, president


WIPTECis an industry leader and as such we are always on the lookout for innovative solutions. We are determined to offer our clients robust and personalized solutions to support sales through all distribution channels. We believe in taking charge of your products from the moment they pass through our doors until they are shipped out to stores or consumers.

our values